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1How can I get a loan?
To do this you need contact manager of MSB Finance LLC by the following telephone numbers or visit us at the following addresses: Kharkov, 165-B, Akademika Pavlova str., Kharkov, Ukraine (subway station Akademika Barabasova ) tel.: +38 050 442-81-80
2What is the maximum amount of a loan I can get?
The size of a loan amount is calculated for each case strictly individually and depends on your income and other factors.
3What documents are needed for a loan?
You will need a passport, an identification code (if available) and other documents, depending on the type of a loan. Our manager can help you in this question.
4When I have to pay the loan interest?
You have to pay the loan interest each month from the date of receiving a loan (or in accordance with the chosen tariff).
5Will I have a document confirmatory the loan repayment?
Yes, receipts of periodic payments under a loan agreement (that you should keep) are such documents. If you need the confirmation in the form of certificate we will give you such document after the full loan repayment.
6What is the maximum loan period?
Currently, we provide loans for a period not exceeding 3 months. But soon we will revise the loan periods, so please watch for the information on our web-site.
7Do we have the right to raise an interest rate on previously granted loans?
We do not have the right to raise interest rate unilaterally. This is guaranteed by law.
8Will we verify the borrower Certificates of income?
Yes, we will. We will verify not only correct filling of documents but also we verify reality (truth) of information specified in the Certificate.


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